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ប្រាក់បង់ប្រចាំខែចាប់ពី $60 - $386

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ខ្មែរ (kh) +855

2 reviews for CB 150R-Blue – $3600

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    – Dear GLF
    I’d like you help detail information relate with the pay depreciation ? I want to know to many years that you able provide to me ? for cost that you setup $60-$386, it’s per year right ? how about the rate for your side ?
    if you have any question please feel free and let me know
    thanks with best regards,
    Mr. Chhunliv

    • :

      Dear Mr. Chhunliv
      Can you provide us your Phone Number?
      Our staff will contact to you.

  2. 4 ក្នុងចំណោម ០៥


    Can u list down all the details and how much sholud pay. Thanks you

    • :

      Dear Panha, Please feel free contact our hotline number: 0966060666 or tell your number our staff will contact you back. Thanks you.


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